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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Todays Small Marijuana Companies Like IGPK Will Be Tomorrows Giants

IGPK is a Great Way to Invest in the Booming Marijuana Business

Fellow Investors,

IGPK has been sitting pretty and consolidating for the past few days. I am expecting IGPK to really break out in the next few days and this seems to be an extremely healthy pullback after the massive run from  20 cents to 81 cents just a few days earlier.

IGPK is poised for another run and here is why. IGPK just announced that they are set to acquire iComply LLC. iComply is a company that specializes in keeping legal cannabis operations running without any compliance hiccups.

iComply provides training and certification to everyone from growers to end user dispensaries so that they stay fully compliant. Now any old company can talk a good game but iComply currently has over 40 clients and is growing rapidly.

Two states (Colorado and Washington) have already legalized recreational cannabis use and it has created massive tax revenues for those states. Other states are seeing just how lucrative this market can be and many have already proposed ballot initiatives that would legalize marijuana use.

iComply has been featured in the Wall Street Juornal, the Denver Post and many other places,  They are one of the top compliance consultants in the entire cannabis industry.

Just think, as states continue to move forward with cannabis legalization iComply and IGPK are going to gain massive amounts of clients just because they have already proven themselves and are one of only a few cannabis consultancy companies..

With the iComply LOI just announced, IGPK is putting itself in a position to capitalize on the ongoing
trend of cannabis legalization. As more and more states move to legalize medical and recreational marijuana use iComply and IGPK will benefit immensely.

IGPK needs to be at the top of your radar right now. We have already seen IGPK
run and it seems like another run is right around the corner.

Talk with you soon!