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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

IMTC Alert - "Strong Buy" From Financial Institution - Details Inside

Strong Buy Alert For IMTC!

Fellow Investors,

I hope by now that you are convinced of IMTC monstrous gain potential. After yesterday's blockbuster news there's very little that can keep the stock from exploding.

You did catch the news, right? Well if you missed it, IMTC is working on a cutting edge mobile payments technology that will protect consumers from theft and other nasty occurrences when they do their shopping.
Once this mobile payment technology hits the in-demand market will allow consumers to travel without cash – all their shopping needs will be handled by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipped smartphone.

IMTC has been upgraded massively because of this news and one top investment portal ( has given it the all-clear saying that IMTC is a "Strong Buy!"

IMTC has consolidated well in the .40s and is now poised to return to its 52-week high of .84 cents.

Not only are the fundamentals on IMTC strong but the technical setup looks almost perfect. IMTC looks to be in the midst of a classic head and shoulders setup. Right now with IMTC at the bottom of its current channel as well as entering the last leg of the head and shoulders formation now could be the perfect time to get involved.

Exploding volume tells me that the stock has near term momentum and I wouldn't be surprised if IMTC sets a new 52-week high very soon.

A quick look at the chart shows why so many are bullish. IMTC is trading on a rising trend line and since the start of the year more than 2,000% has been added to lower valuations.

Drop everything you've got going at the moment and get a piece of IMTC; you won't regret it.

In fact, the only regret you'll have is watching the stock explode past its .84 cent high while you are still on the fence.

Make your move now!



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